Changes are in the Air!

How appropriate considering the first day of fall was just a few days ago.  Anywho... On to the purpose for this post!  I've been doing a lot more research into blogging... The different platforms, blogs that I love to read for different reasons, designing my own blog etc. etc. etc... But the big thing I've been looking up is Blogger vs. WordPress.  Now... According to my archives I have been using this blog for three years already!  I'm a very sentimental person and I hate to part with things I've grown accustomed to.

However, majority of the reliable sources (and I say reliable as in bloggers I trust/enjoy) have made the switch to WordPress.  Some have been with WordPress from the beginning of their blogging "careers", and others used to be in the exact same boat as me: using blogger because it was much simpler and seemed easier to use.  Over this past year I've learned that "nothing worth having comes easily".  So... I finally decided to take the leap and at least make an account so I could still use Simply Honest. Simply Real.

I have to admit... The first 24 hours after that switch was a nightmare for me.  I hadn't felt so overwhelmed by a new site like that in so long!  That's when I decided to unplug myself from my blogs yesterday.  I needed to clear my mind and center myself.  I decided to analyze what was making me feel so overwhelmed so I can conquer it and get the ball rolling again.  I realized that it was almost like how I felt when we moved from Hawai'i to Washington (is that a bit dramatic? haha...).  I had taken so much time to build this little niche to call my own in this blogspot account, and now I've moved into WordPress.  A community I have never seen or used before.  Totally new to me... A blank slate.  I couldn't even find a theme I liked, and the customization settings were frustrating me (a little tip: never switch blogging platforms after 12 am... It just causes unnecessary frustration and sadness...).  I went to bed thinking, "Maybe I should just stick to blogger... I made my pretty little site and I'm content there."

But then it occurred to me... Why did I move to Washington in the first place?  What drove me to make a WordPress account?  I did it, knowing all the risks that I'd be taking, but more so motivated by the possibilities and opportunities that could arise with such moves.  I keep saying over and over and over again, but this year really is about growth and change for me.  In big, small, significant, and non-significant ways.

So!  I want to invite you to my new home!

I'm still trying to learn my way around the neighborhood, but each time I'm on it I begin to feel more and more at home.  I hope you're just excited about this move as I am!  The url is much simpler now, but I hope the content will stay just as interesting, if not, become even more interesting to you!  If you have any feedback or input for the new blog... Please feel free to leave them in the comments on the new site!  I hope to see you there!

What Balance Means to Me...

Today's 30 Days of Lists prompt is "What Balance Means to Me".  I've always been a pretty organized person on the surface.  What I mean by that is, I'm good at looking like I'm organized... But if you ask Thomas, it's more of an organized chaos.  =] I knew that when Chloe was on her way, that would have to change.  I was no longer going to be taking care of two people's business (yes... I handle a lot of my husband's appointments and such.  Ask his family.  Any functions or reminders... They call me.  Not him.), but also a third mini person who would be relying on us to make the decisions for her.  I could not drop the ball on this one! 

I knew that I would have to find more balance in every aspect of my life.  Here are a few of the main ones that I've been working on.

Through trial and error, and a lot of patience I think I've found a way to balance all the important aspects in my life.

What are some ways that you try to restore balance to your life?  Do you meditate or do yoga?  Or maybe go for a nice evening walk alone, or with someone special?

HoltFamilyVlog 09.24.2014: "Games is Life."

Today was a beautiful day here in Washington.  It wasn't as rainy as the past few days have been.  I woke up not feeling too good... It was one of the mornings when you wake up and you feel like you didn't sleep at all.  Meh... So I spent most of the day trying to get rid of my headache, and I eventually took a nap.  Since I slept for a few hours, Thomas basically entertained Chloe today.  =]

If you know Thomas, you know that he's quite a hardcore gamer.  And has been for pretty much as long as anyone can remember (just kidding... that may be a slight exaggeration).  It's just a part of him... But I think it adds to his funny personality. =]

Do your other halves have any guilty "hobbies" that they can't live without? =]

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Good night from Chloe! She's so funny... She started off facing the OTHER way. =]


Some of My Favorite Authors...

I wish I could have a more profound list for today's 30 Days of Lists prompt: My Favorite Authors.  I really need to get back into reading!! Well... Here's what I could think of off the top of my head!

Lois Ann Yamanaka is a local author from Hawai'i.  She wrote books that were very relatable for people who grew up in the islands!  I mainly tried to stick with books/authors that I have never gotten tired of, who have written books that I feel like I could read over and over again.

What are some of your favorite books and who are your favorite authors?

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HoltFamilyVlog 09.23.2014: First Day of Fall!

If you didn't know, today was the first day of fall!!! For us Hawai'i kids... This changing of seasons is a big deal to us.  I've always loved the fall/holiday season, even when I lived in Hawai'i.  I just loved the atmosphere and spirit it brought.  One of the main reasons for why we left all the sunshine for more overcast skies, is because we prefer rain over heat.  Chloe's never really played out in the rain before, but she's always been eager to explore outside.  It was no surprise to us that she totally enjoyed this sweater weather!

This rain gutter was even more interesting with all the rain water gushing out of it...

I love seeing them walk together.

Please enjoy today's vlog!  We all agreed that we're pretty excited for what this holiday/fall season may/will bring!

Are you and your family excited for this upcoming fall/holiday season?  What are some family traditions that you look forward to?
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