Happy (early) Father's Day!

Being that my family and I are involved with the restaurant business, this normally means that for most holidays  we all end up working.  Being that this Sunday is Father's Day (happy father's day to all you wonderful dad's out there) we decided to take my dad out to a nice father's day dinner.

My dad, sister, sister's boyfriend, grandmother, my boyfriend and I decided to go to one of my father's favorite restaurants: The Hau Tree Lanai, located on the beautiful San Souci Beach in Waikiki.  This is one of the higher end restaurants, but it was for a special occasion. =]

Dinner was perfect, I was with the people I love and eating right on the beach!

First Blog Post!!

Hey everyone...

I've always wanted to start a blog but never really got around to doing it. I'm a full time college student and I also work part time to pay for school.  This will basically be a place for me to put my personal thoughts out about some of the things that interest me most such as well, food and life. =] Hopefully this will eventually grow and will become a new hobby for me! Just wanted to test this out and get a feel for how blogger works. Have a great day!