Simply Real: Life Changes

This past week Thomas and I began sharing some very big news with our families...

We're moving.

Out of the state.

To Washington.

2,675 miles away (don't believe me? I googled it. =P).

Within the next year or so.

Thomas and I had first started talking about moving to the mainland about two years ago but it never really became serious until last year after Thomas' sister returned from an absolutely AWESOME trip to New York and Italy with her husband.  Eventually we got to discussing about how the mainland (heck the world!) has so many opportunities and possibilities.  Up until this point Thomas and I had only entertained the idea of possibly moving our family to the mainland but we had never seriously discussed a timeline for when we wanted to do it.  In the past year there were several [life] events that pushed us to finally take the leap.

1.  Thomas and I were newly weds.  Even though Thomas and I had been dating each other since middle school, we both felt a difference in our relationship when we got married.  The night of our wedding, just before we were going to sleep, we were reflecting back upon the events of that day.  I remember closing my eyes and quietly telling Thomas, "... it really is us against the world now."  Even though it had always been "us against the world" there was a new sense of... us.  The fact that we were now legally tied to each other... officially married after talking about it for how many years... after all we had been through... I had never felt closer to Thomas.  And believe it or not... I feel like I get even closer to him as each day passes.

2.  I was pregnant and we had our daughter.  Something flips in your mind when you become a parent.  All Thomas and I think about is Chloe.  Just like any parent, we want to provide the absolute best that we can for her.  From the toys and books she plays with, to the places she goes, and the food she eats.  Thomas and I were both born and raised here in Hawai'i and even though we absolutely loved our childhoods it's hard to ignore the fact that our beloved Hawai'i is changing.

3.  I'm growing.  I am a 23 year old first time mommy, new wife, casual blogger who is eager to explore the world beyond my little rock in the middle of the ocean.  A few hard lessons had to be learned these past few years... and in the end I've learned that I will never be happy if I don't start doing what makes me happy and what feels right for me.

And at this moment in time... what feels right is moving.

Thomas and I are at a point in our lives where we have this hunger to spread our wings and fly.  We have been blessed to have had such great role models in our lives and now we feel like it's time for us to take everything we've learned thus far... and start venturing out on our own.  The values and lessons that our families have taught us have helped to shape us into the people we are today and has built the foundation that we will build our own family upon.  Don't get me wrong... this next chapter in my life is a big one and it scares me!  I've cried to Thomas several times... but in the end what keeps me going is that drive to live... that hunger to learn and take in as much of this beautiful world as I can because...

"Only when we are no longer afraid do we begin to live."
-Dorothy Thompson

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