Simply Honest. Simply Real.

My entire life I've had various obsessions: trying to eat healthy (didn't always last long...), trying to live an active life style (I'm not afraid to be honest... I get lazy!), caring about animals and wanting to save as many as possible (sadly... I'm allergic to almost anything with fur... ), wanting to start a garden... my list can go on and on and on.  I think I may have finally found my inspiration and some guides.  A month or so after Chloe was born I heard about Jessica Alba and The Honest Company.  The Honest Company sells everything from baby products to household cleaning supplies to vitamins and tummy ointments! The Honest Company prides itself in using only the most natural and gentlest of ingredients.  What makes The Honest Company stand out is that Alba and her fellow coworkers tested the products on themselves and their families (if you didn't know, Alba has two daughters both under the age of 5).  So they knew when a product wasn't effective enough, or they knew when a shampoo was still to harsh for little eyes.  Now, for those of you who live on the mainland this is great for you! The Honest Company offers everything at a low price point!  They even do free shipping on orders that are $50 or more! As for those of us who sadly aren't connected to the continental US? Well, we can still buy these products, but shipping totally defeats the low price point!  So I stopped checking the website out... and I slowly forgot about the company.

Then! One day while we were doing our weekly grocery shopping I came across Alba's book, The Honest Life.  And it inspired me to really change our lifestyle! I was hooked on her book from the beginning... How real Alba is and they way she writes this book makes it so do-able, and so you can relate to it! I had no idea that Alba was plagued with many of the same ailments as me (asthma... allergies... sensitive skin... easily getting sick...) and that made me that much more interested! Alba changed her (and her family's) lifestyle to an Honest one.  Now what does that mean exactly? Alba changed their eating habits (as much organic and seasonal fruits and veges... lean proteins... non-GMO and no antibiotics or hormones... low dairy... healthy whole grain carbs... etc. etc.), and she changed the products she used in their home and in their lives.  She shows that it is possible for Honest, healthy living to still be chic, delicious and fun!  Her book is chalk full of delicious recipes, tips, and even DIYs!

Alba's Book The Honest Life, and a local cookbook that has TONS of tasty, easy, and healthy meals that everyone in the family can enjoy.
Now as stated before... I get lazy... life gets in the way... whatever. That's what the Simply Real aspect of this blog is.  Sometimes we have a bad day... sometimes we get stuck in a rut and need new ideas or just some encouragement and motivation.  I don't want to just document all the beautiful and happy moments of our lives... but also the struggles, and most of all the lessons we learned from them.  What's most important is the progress we make and the positive changes we are making in our lives as a family.

Lifestyle changes like these always happen easier when you have others there for support. So, Thomas and I made a pact... Thomas has always loved physical activities whether it be martial arts, water sports, weight lifting, you name it.  I, on the other hand, need a little extra motivation =P My passion is food... Sashimi literally changed my life when I was 13 years old.  I tried it (even though I had a preconceived idea that it was disgusting) and it changed my life! I thought it would taste NASTY and lo and behold it was AWESOME! What other delicious foods was I missing out on?! Ever since then... I will try almost anything at least once (key word: almost). So, I'm in charge of the food! The deal? We can grumble and bitch all we want about how "ugghh... It's so hot outside! Can we just run later?!" or "what the heck IS that?! Are you sure it tastes good?" But at the end of it... I need to get up and do it... and he needs to pick the fork up and try one bite! 

For us... that's 99.99% of the battle... getting up and starting!  So I encourage you to find a friend or family member who wants to make a positive and healthy change in their life... and be each other's support and motivation! The whole thing about this lifestyle change? It's not about the numbers... It's not about how much weight you can lose... how many calories you intake daily... it's about finding a balance. Find that perfect balance of everything that works for YOU... and everything else will fall into place.  Because that's really what our goal is this year... to lead a simply honest, yet simply real life.

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