Simply Real: 75 Days into Our Great HI to WA Journey

As if I needed more proof of how fast time is flying by... We've been living in Washington for 75 days now!  Everything has fallen into place so nicely.  Our belongings and car arrived here in WA about a week after Thomas got back from Hawai'i.  The car was ready for pick up the day before we were scheduled to return our rental!  I had been meaning to extend the rental but it kept slipping my mind.  Perfect timing... Thomas and I are pretty comfortable with how our home is set up and we've got a pretty good routine so the last puzzle piece that needs to fall into place is a job for Thomas.  But that, too, will happen at the right time.

Here's a photo dump of what we've been up to these past 75 days!

We juuuuust made it onto our flight! (Like no joke... we were the last one's on the plane, and we were in such a hurry I forgot our hydroflasks under Chloe's stroller.  So, they paged the owner of "a black britax stroller to please come back to the front".  Hehe... so Thomas went back up and they gave him our flasks. Go Hawaiian Airlines!  They were really nice about it.)
We've visited Bruce Lee's grave twice.  Bruce Lee is a very big inspiration to Thomas.
We've done our share of exploring.  We've driven as far North as Bellingham, WA (we eventually want to check out Canada), and we've gone to Oregon three times (twice to visit a friend in Bend, OR)

Tacoma Narrows Bridge

Along Mt. Hood Highway, OR

Tumalo Falls, OR

Tumalo Falls

We've been enjoying a lot of yummy food (mosty homecooked!).

We've been trying to save money by totally eliminating the number of times we eat out.  This forces us to be creative so we can use up all the food that we have in the fridge.  Check out the hashtag #HoltFoods on Instagram to track our culinary journey!
Most of all... we've really been enjoying time as a family.  Thomas and I decided that I will stay home with Chloe while he goes to work.  Although we had a taste of how it will be with Thomas working and me staying home, we haven't necessarily experienced it with all the stresses of being totally independent and away from our families.  I'm not gonna lie... Every time I look back at my pictures (and trust me... I take a lot) a knot builds up in my throat and I begin to miss all the familiar faces.  Thomas and I have had a true taste of freedom and independence... And we know that we'll be okay... Just like everything else that has happened... It will all fall into place at the perfect time.  Until then, we're going to enjoy this beautiful PNW weather together as a family. 

Words can't explain how grateful I am for all the blessings God has given me... Especially in the last year and a half.

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