Simply Real: Keiki Update 07.21.2014

So... I'm gonna try to make these "Keiki Updates" a regular thing.  Almost all of our family is back home in Hawai'i, with a few others scattered in other parts of the world.  Chloe (and pretty soon Peanut) are growing so fast and I want to share these moments with our family (and document them for us as well).  I figured this would be a good place to kind of have my pregnancy journal, I kept pretty good track of my pregnancy with Chloe on Instagram and I feel like I'm slacking with Peanut.  So... here we go!

Since we're talking about Peanut let's talk about him/her:

I am 15 weeks (and 5 days) pregnant...

Peanut is about the 4 inches long (size of a naval orange) and weighs about 2.5 oz.  We've been able to hear Peanut's heartbeat for the last two appointments and we have an ultrasound coming up.  We weren't able to get a good look at Chloe's gender at any of her ultrasounds (she really wanted it to be a surprise)... so we're considering letting this one be a surprise as well!

I've started to feel a bit better.  My appetite has improved (as you can probably tell by mine and Thomas' Instagrams >_<*).  The nausea and migraines aren't as frequent but I still have my off days.  I try to get something in my stomach before I start to feel too hungry... and I'm trying to drink more water.  Oh, and I think I've been feeling a few flutters here and there over the past week or two.  Oh... and I don't know if it's just because Chloe is growing or if it's just another pregnancy pain... but my back hurts every so often.

Speaking of that little rascal...

Little Miss Chloe-Ann...

Chloe is 10 months old and is an absolute bottomless pit.  She's willing to try anything you give her.  She's really loving the kimi balls and cinnamon creme crackers that Gramaw Kathy and Nana sent in a few care packages.

She's becoming more and more independent every day.  She's always trying to feed herself (she already feeds herself while she's snacking) and she loves her sippy cup (we leave it out all day with water and she just comes and goes and drinks from it as she pleases).  We recently bought her a walker (one of those push ones... not the ones you put them in the little seat surrounded by toys) and she absolutely loves that thing as well.  Luckily, we have mostly carpet so it goes just the right speed for her.  It's really helping her to build up her confidence.  Oh!  And her ride got upgraded to a front facing carseat!

Chloe also absolutely loves Christmas.  We all kind of knew that was going to happen... My mom had us listening to the Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas CD in March since we were little, so naturally I listen to Christmas music all year round... and come to find out my mother-in-law also loved listening to Christmas music in July... So... sorry, Honey, but you're overuled. ^_^  Chloe's newest favorite movie is ABC Family's The Mistle-Tones.  It has lots of singing, along with pretty sounds and decorations.  Amazingly Thomas has warmed up to it, and even he's memorized "The Twelve Days of Christmas".  =]

It seems like every month Chloe reaches a new month... This month, she's started standing without having to hold onto anything.  Each day that goes by she does it longer and longer and she starts to test her balance.  Thomas says he's seen her attempt a few steps already!

Lately, Thomas and I find ourselves watching Chloe and then looking up at each other and one of us saying "Can you believe this time next year, there's going to be two of them?!"  It's scary... But a happy scary, if you know what I mean?  Maybe exciting is a more accurate word.  I really can't help but look back on where Thomas and I used to be and how much we've grown... and looking around now and feeling so happy and satisfied with the life we're building together.

A little baby yoga to calm you on this Manic Monday (it's a daily practice for Chloe...)

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