Big Moment for Daddy-to-be

For the past week or so I've been trying to see if I could feel baby kick when I place my hand on my belly. Finally, yesterday afternoon it felt as though baby was finally strong enough to kick not just mommy, but any hand eagerly waiting on mommy's belly. I immediately texted Thomas telling him that he might finally be able to feel baby's little kicks and jabs.

When T finally got home from work we were both laying in bed relaxing and talking. He was on the laptop and I was crocheting. When I would feel baby move I would stop and lay still... When it seemed that baby was going to pretty active I grabbed T's hand and placed it on my belly. Sadly, baby stopped moving (just our luck). T seemed a bit sad but I told him he would just have to be patient. When I felt baby moving again I quickly grabbed T's hand, "Did you feel that?!" I asked.

"That was baby?! Not!..." I took my hand off of T's and instructed him to leave it there and to push a little. We laid there for another minute or so when I felt another jab. I quickly looked over at Thomas... The smile on his face was absolutely priceless.

"I felt it!" He quickly moved closer to me and hugged me.

This Wednesday we make 22 weeks... I'm so glad T was finally able to feel our baby move. The look on his face was exactly the same as the first time we heard our baby's heartbeat: pure love and joy. He's going to make such a great daddy...

A hui hou!

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