Today's Forecast: Hot, Humid, & Pregnant

Living in Hawai'i, we only really experience two seasons: summer and winter.  Sunny, high 80s summer.  Cool, rainy winters.  Since we're transitioning from winter to summer... our weather tends to be a bit "bi-polar".  A few days ago it was pouring rain, then it was HOT and gross.  Since baby is expected to be born in late August, a lot of people keep telling me "you poor thing... you have a summer pregnancy".  The first few months have been really nice, the weather was nice and breezy and cool.  This past week though... ugh... so. hot.  There was one day that I was just laying on the bed with all the windows open and I kept telling Thomas, "Babe... It's soo hot..."

Last night, was another one of those hot and humid times.  The southern part of Kaua'i was experiencing thunder storms and here on O'ahu you could just feel the moisture hanging in the air.  I woke up around 3 in the morning... I normally hug either my body pillow or T.  When I woke up, my body pillow was on the ground (I had kicked it off the bed sometime in the middle of the night) and I found myself avoiding T's touch.  Even though we had the windows open, there wasn't a single breeze to be felt.  I laid in bed for what felt like forever... I was so uncomfortable.  You see, I also have eczema... throughout this pregnancy I've been able to keep it under control, but pregnant or not, heat (especially humidity) really starts to make me itch.  I finally decided to sleep at the other end of the bed, with my head to T's feet and my feet to his head.  Luckily, (but not until after 4) was I finally able to doze back to sleep.  If this is what summer's going to feel like, we were really going to have to get a better fan or something.

So, this brings me to my question... for you ladies who have been pregnant during the summer... what did/do you use to escape the summer heat?

A hui hou!

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