Time Is Flying By...

It's been a while since I've last posted anything on here... and boy has a lot happened!  My last post was back in 2011!  Now it's 2013...

Some very important things have changed in our lives... the biggest of which is that we were happily married on March 1 of this year!  Now, every girl has always had their perfect wedding planned out from when they were 9 years old... and I have to admit, I, too, had a fantasy wedding that I thought I would always want to have.  But honestly... we pulled together a beautiful, small, and intimate wedding that was just absolutely perfect.  Both of us have pretty big families (I have a lot of siblings, all of whom have children, one even a grandchild!) and T has a huge extended family.  Being that this wedding was planned in about a month (with a LOT of thanks to my mom, Thomas' brother, my siblings, my grandma...) , T and I decided to have a very small and intimate wedding with just our closest family and a handful of friends.  We got married at my high school chapel, St. Alban's in Honolulu.  It's a small, open chapel with koa furnishings. We had the wedding in the afternoon so there was a nice afternoon breeze blowing through.  We had no more than 50 guests and the ceremony only lasted maybe half an hour at most.  It was kind of surreal to be back at my high school some 5 years later, with my middle school sweetheart getting married.  A lot of people ask how it feels now to be married... and even though things do feel the same, I personally feel even more connected to Thomas.  I feel, now more than ever, that it is important for us to love and support one another unconditionally.  Not only for the sake of each other, but for our family as well.

Which brings me to our next bit of exciting news!  Thomas and I found out that we would be expecting our first baby back in January.  Our due date is August 28, putting me at about 21 weeks (just over 5 months).  So far, it's been a very nice pregnancy.  I don't get sick, only if my stomach gets to empty, then do I start to feel a bit queasy. I do get tired, but T is very nice to let me have my afternoon naps whenever, and for however long I want.  And I think for the most part I don't have too many mood swings, but you would have to ask T for his honest opinion on that.  I haven't gained too much weight so far, in fact, doctor said I could start gaining a little bit more weight.  Thomas and I try to go walking, especially on our days off, and working in a restaurant business keeps me up and moving for a good 10+ hours a day.  We've had three ultrasounds (one formal one, one quick one, and the first one at our first appointment) and so far everything looks great!  Thomas and I were really hoping to find out if we were going to have a little baby boy or girl, but each time baby is camera shy.  Looks like it'll just have to be a surprise!  I do feel baby moving every day... especially in the afternoon, although they aren't quite strong enough yet for T to feel.  I started feeling baby (at least knowing that what I was feeling was baby) a few weeks ago.  Everyone always asks me if I have any cravings, but honestly, Thomas is so good to me... anytime I feel like eating something in particular we go and eat it.  Although, I still really love my ice cream... and I'm definitely enjoying eating it multiple times a week.

That's pretty much where we're at right now!  So far 2013 has been off to a very interesting, exciting, and blessed new start!  Enjoy a few pictures from our wedding and our baby's first ultrasound!

A hui hou!

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