Simply Real: A Bumpy Week -- Sorry for the Late Post

I'm sorry this post is going up 2 days late... and is lacking on content. >.<

So... last week was a bit of a bumpy one for us.  It was Spring Break which meant that Thomas had to work later than normal (coming home after midnight on sometimes), Chloe just went through a growth spurt... and we're 99.9% sure that Chloe is teething.  Our schedules got thrown off... Chloe was fussier than normal (she's normally a very well-behaved baby)... and she went back to waking up multiple times at night due to the growth spurt and teething.  One night she just cried for two hours straight and nothing would soothe her... finally Thomas came and took her and he got her to calm down and go back to sleep.

On a positive note... I did get to use my camera a few times last week on a few walks and outtings.

Anyway... this is going to be short post.  I'm currently trying to get Chloe down for a morning nap and then I have a ginormous pile laundry (you have NO idea how behind we were....)  that I have to fold and put away and a few bottles to wash.  Oh, and the toilet overflowed this morning.  Yipee! Have a great week everyone!

Like I said... she was fussier than normal.

But just like bath time... walks eventually calm her down.  Whenever Thomas works at night, I try to make it a point to take Chloe walking/running to get out of the house.  She loves looking at all the animals and plants around our neighborhood.

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