Simply Real: Happy One Year Anniversary, My Love!

Yesterday was my wedding anniversary.  It meant that 365 days had passed since Thomas and I became husband and wife... I don't think that it was a coincidence that this past Monday I happened to stumble upon some old emails that Thomas had sent me back in July of 2005.  He's probably going to kill me for sharing some of it, but I have to admit I cried when I read one particular email... keep in mind Thomas was only 16 when he wrote this to me.  We had only known each other for one year and we had a pretty rocky first year together as a couple:
"I really miss you... I don't know if I could live without you.  It's like I was meant to be with you and I love you... I feel like I could say that to you for my whole life.  I really want to see you... I can't wait to get married to you so we can live our own lives.  I always have dreams about you... I love you."
After looking back and reading our emails from practically a decade ago... I know for a fact that I don't give Thomas enough credit for everything he's done for me.  He was so patient with me... even when I was an insecure thirteen year old with an attitude (of course don't get me wrong... anyone who knows Thomas knows how much of a "handful" he can be ;]).  I would ask him how he knew I was the one.  And he always told me he just had a feeling.

This has to be one of the very first pictures we took with each other. Look how awkward and uncomfortable we look >.< This was Easter 2005?

Thomas was always the one who would keep me going even when I felt like I couldn't go on anymore... He taught me what love is.  I never realized it, but I had a wall up.  I never let anyone really get close to me... I didn't know how to truly love someone.  I only relied on one person and that was myself.  I was Miss Independent who thought she knew everything.  Thomas patiently and gently broke down that wall.  He showed me that life doesn't always have to be so complicated... that sometimes things are easier when you have someone along side you helping you through it.

Having Thomas by my side through every single one of my teen years means that he is a very big part of who I am today.  He helped me to feel confident with who I was during a time when most kids were just trying to figure out who they were.  I had to learn that my life would never feel complete until I loved myself and started following what was in my heart.  I needed to let go of the fear I had... and I had to trust Thomas and our relationship.

My how we've grown... Oct. 2012.

And that's exactly what we've been doing since we got married a year ago.  Starting our own family has taught us to be confident in the decisions that we make not only as individuals but also as a couple.  We've learned to support each other in all the (sometimes crazy) endeavors we embark on.  We've seen our share of hardships and failures but we've learned that having faith and lots of love is what gets us through them all.  I thank God everyday for blessing me with you... thank you for never losing faith in me or our relationship.  I love you so much, Thomas.  Happy anniversary.  <3

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