Simply Real: Keiki Update & Today's Vlog (Impossible to Clean with Chloe)

Okay!  I figured it was time for another Keiki Update!!  This past week has been a very exciting one for the entire family.  I finally started putting up our family's vlog (which you can check out here... Please subscribe!)  I also post a small little blog post to go with each vlog which will be filed under the vlog label. =]  This is our way of giving our family back home in Hawai'i a chance to watch as our family grows.

Now... Onto the kiddies.

Chloe is now 11 and a half months old.  This month she reached a very big milestone: walking!!  You can watch her in action in August 22's vlog.  She literally woke up from her nap earlier that week and just decided to get up and walk.  Everyday she's taking more and more steps...

She still only has six teeth... But she has two more sloowly making their way up.

One of her new favorite movies is Mulan... But she still loves to rock out to The Mistle-Tones every so often.  She's also back into watching her Baby Einstein series.  She loves the animals and noises they make.

Chloe will be having a doctor's appointment when she turns one so we can have more updates when that appointment happens!

Onto Peanut...

If you haven't already... I suggest you watch our very first vlog: Our 20 Week Ultrasound and Gender Reveal.  I know that we are going to love looking back as a family through these videos...  So, as it turns out.  Peanut is a girl!  I told Thomas that it's funny because all this time I kind of thought I wanted to have a boy next.  But now that I know that we are having a girl... I'm kind of relieved.  All I ask is that our baby be healthy, but there are just so many reasons for why I am happy that we're having another girl!

For example... We have a lot of pink stuff already (not to mention clothes).  Being on our own now means that we need to be a lot smarter with our money.  Having another baby girl already took quite a bit of a load off of my mind.  Peanut and Chloe are going to be about 16 months a part.  They can practically share clothes for their entire lives!  I know that this is something that my sisters and I always take advantage of (you should see us at our family garage sales... we probably make the most money off of each other buying each others clothes!). =P  Thomas and I both know that having two kids close in age could also come with a lot of bickering and what not (but what family doesn't have their share of misunderstandings)... But we are confident that we can teach our children about what's important about family: the unique love and bond that we share.

Another reason is that there's just something so precious and darling about a baby girl.  Don't get me wrong.. baby boys are absolutely adorable too!  But just something about the daintiness of a baby girl... I also told Thomas that his baby girls are going to be the ones to truly teach him what it means to be a man.  You know what I mean?...  Having to really be responsible for taking care of his family, having to be the protector and provider... Yet the nurturer and lover.

Peanut is measuring right on track (we are about 20 and a half weeks in now).  At our next appointment, we will be discussing whether or not it would be best for us to schedule a c-section or to attempt a VBAC.  Because of the way Chloe was facing when she was born, my doctor eventually decided it was best to go through with a cesarean.  Our thinking is that we may be able to plan a lot better if we have another c-section.  We both know what to pretty much expect with the healing process... But I guess we'll have to see what the doctor says as well.

Now that we are well into the second trimester I am finally beginning to feel a lot better.  I don't get nauseated as much anymore (only if my stomach gets too empty... which I try to avoid anyway)... but I also notice that I also have to make sure I don't eat too big of a meal or else my stomach will turn.  My energy level has picked up a bit and I don't get as many migraines anymore... It turns out I have actually lost five pounds since the beginning of the pregnancy but the doctor said it's okay since baby is measuring on track and I still have half way to go.

This continues to be such an exciting time in our lives... And we can't help but feel more and more like we are finding where we need to be in life.

I read the following quote on Amanda Rose Zampelli's blog. . . And it is very appropriate for where Thomas and I are in our lives right now.  I want this to be my mantra...

Today's Vlog -- Impossible to Clean with Chloe...

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