Good-Bye August 2014

When I first started to get back into blogging again... I was trying to figure out a monthly post that I could do at the beginning/end of each month to sort of recap things that we/I am currently into.  The main purpose of this blog is to document my growth as a mother and young woman... But also my family's journey through life.  We are at such an exciting point in our lives right now... And I want to be able to remember it years down the line.  One of my favorite blogs to read is Erica Castillo's To The Sea.  She does such a great job of documenting her family's adventures... She does an even better job at keeping up with an array of monthly posts that updates everyone on what's going on with her kids.  One of her latest posts is part of her "Currently..." series in which she answers a few prompts that quickly sums up what they're currently into.  I absolutely love this idea... It's something quick and easy enough to do but years down the road I can read it and transport myself back to that moment in time.

So!  Currently . . .

Looking Forward To: Winter/Fall!  Thomas and I have lived in {the ever beautiful} state of Hawai'i for our whole lives.  Every time we tell people where we moved from we're often met with confused looks, "Why would you leave paradise to come to... Washington?!"  But to tell you the truth... We're really looking forward to experiencing change (in so many other ways besides just the weather too).  Our family doesn't do too good in the heat:  Chloe will still sweat here in WA on an 80 degree day... and Thomas starts to feel claustrophobic if it gets too hot (which the occasional 90+ something day with humidity in Hawai'i can feel like)... and I love the rain a whole lot more than the heat.  Besides rain... I also love the feeling and atmosphere that the fall and winter brings!  Thomas is beyond excited to find a pumpkin patch for Halloween, and to cut down our own Christmas Tree!  Oh, and go google Leavenworth, WA Christmas (I'll wait while you click the link...).

But in case you didn't...

It's seriously something off of a postcard or out of a Christmas book.  Neither of us have seen snow before (up close at least) so we are very excited to go {safely} exploring this winter, well at least as much exploring a 9-months pregnant momma can handle.

Feeling: Blessed... Words can't explain how grateful I am that we have been able to have the opportunity to move to the mainland to really pursue our dreams (whatever they may be).  When we found out that we were expecting Chloe, Thomas and I realized that we had to grow up and start making decisions for ourselves and for our family.  Growing up in Hawai'i the importance of family is firmly engrained into all of us from a very young age.  We're taught to take care of one another, and to always help each other out.  An important lesson that Thomas and I have learned over the past year is that we will never truly be happy if we keep trying to think about what will make everyone else happy because "[ . . . ] those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind".  We had to stop putting our goals and what could truly make us happy off on the back burner.  A lot of hard decisions were made... and a lot of prayers were said... But at the end of all of it, we've learned that if you always follow your heart (with good intentions), and ask God for the guidance and strength to do what needs to be done (or the strength to turn away from a door that He closed...), you'll end up where you need to be.  The sky is the limit for us and we're young... There really is no better time for us to follow our dreams and make something of ourselves... for our family.

"We must take adventures in order to know where we truly belong."

Excited About: All the projects, plans, and goals I have for this blog!  Our babies are only going to be babies once... And after having Chloe, I totally understand why mother's always look at their husband's with those longing eyes whenever they hold a newborn/baby.  There's just something about holding a little baby (that you helped to make and bring into this world)... And I want to be able to capture those feelings and all the other precious moments for our family (but especially for me and Thomas).  I'm excited to meet and learn so much from other bloggers and vloggers who are equally as passionate about their work and family as I am.

Dreading: The huge pile of clothes (that keeps growing) that needs to be folded and put away...  I've been seeing a lot of "I guess that's a sign of growing up" posts from my friends lately on social media.  So I've been joking with a lot of them that "you know you're growing up when you just accept the fact that there will always be dishes to be washed, clothes that needs to be washed and put away, and a house to clean".  But, of course, with that... Comes so many other joys and blessings. =]

Needing: A nap... I'm not sure why but I woke up with a headache this morning (it happens every so often during this pregnancy...)  Food and naps seem to make them go away/feel better ^_^

I love when she falls asleep in our arms... She's so independent and full of energy now, she's always scooting off our laps.  So we always try to enjoy a few minutes of when she [rarely] falls asleep in arms...

Wanting: A good book to read!  I absolutely love to read.  I'm one of those people who can spend their whole day curled up on the couch with a really good book.  Another good thing about having Chloe is I can't finish a good book in one day anymore... (Yes, I'm also one of those people who gets sad when she reaches the end of a really good book/series).  I'm really willing to give anything a shot... maybe something non-fiction for now?

Watching:  Thomas and I love finding a good TV series to watch together on Netflix.  We just finished Fringe (if you like Criminal Minds/Heros/Lost/X-Files... you'll like this show.  In fact, I believe the people who worked on Lost and Heros also worked on this show?).  We're also watching Under The Dome.  Thomas has Amazon Prime so we get to watch the episodes for free a few days after it airs on TV!  We're also waiting for Supernatural and The Walking Dead to come back this fall (another reason to look forward to fall).

Working On:  Adding little personal touches around our home... and our YouTube channel and this blog. Oh... and a name for Peanut.  We're taking suggestions =]

Our baby yogi.

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