7 Months Old & Chloe's Six Month Check-Up

Guess who's 7 months old now (still can't believe she's only 5 short months away from being a year old)!!!

Wednesday, I took Chloe to her six month check-up... like three weeks late >.< Hehe... Thomas started his job and we got caught up in trying to adjust to the new scheduling and routine... Yada-yada...

Anyway... On to the important stuff.

Chloe's doing absolutely great! She's such a blessed little girl... she's still very tiny (only in the 10th percentile for her weight)... and her height is doing pretty well (she fluctuates... @ her 4 month check up she was in the 75 percentile for height... this time more in the 25-50 percentile).  Doctor isn't alarmed at all at how tiny she is given that she is full of SO much energy and determination. Thomas and I decided that we do want our kids to be vaccinated so Chloe received 3 vaccines and the flu shot.  She was slightly warmer than normal the next day but luckily that was it.  Still no teeth! Although we can see where her two bottom teeth are slowly making their way through.  I'm so glad that everything is a-okay with our little Coco Puff.

Her appetite hasn't changed... in fact it's probably grown.  She can eat more than my nearly 2 year old nephew in one sitting sometimes.  She'll eat practically anything still... except avocados.  She developed some stranger anxiety a few weeks ago but it's slowly going away.  She absolutely loves bath time and Baby Einstein still... and she loves to play tickle games with her daddy.  Also, her hair has grown out enough so we can put it up in a little palm tree!  She's also been sleeping through the night for the past week and a half or so.

This little girl is so amazing... Thomas and I thank God everyday for blessing us with such a sweet, silly, smart baby. We can never say it enough... but she never stops surprising us... Speaking of which... when we came back home from her appointment it was time for Chloe to go down for a nap. I put her down in her crib to go to sleep. I could tell after a few minutes that she no longer was ready for a nap... when I went to check on her this is what I found...


Chloe figured out how to pull herself to a standing position!  Last week, Thomas and I were watching her in her crib... she was kneeling and she was trying to reach one of the toys that it hanging on the side of her crib.  You could see her moving her feet, trying to figure out how to move them underneath herself.  I told Thomas, "I bet you that in one week... give it two max... she will figure out how to stand up on her own."  And lo and behold! 

A video from Sunday night... 3 days before she accomplished her goal!

I love being a mommy...  Have a great weekend everyone!

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