Simply Real: Happy Easter!

Sorry for such a late post!  Easter was such a fun packed day.  We spent most of it at my step-sister's house.  Since we weren't sure when would be the next time we would ALL be together we decided to take advantage of the occasion and we took some family pictures!  That's another reason for why this post is a bit late... I was having so much fun looking through all the pictures and showing them to Thomas.

Anyway... Happy Easter everyone! I hope you all had a blessed weekend with those you hold dearest to your heart... I know we did. <3  Enjoy some of the pictures from Sunday!

Mom, Uncle Paul, and all of the siblings.

One of a billion attempts to take a picture of Gramaw, Papa, & all the grandkids + 1 great grandchild.  But look at my mom and Chloe smiling perfectly!

Another attempt at a grandchild/great grandchild pic.

The Brady Bunch!

"First, we had each other; then we had you.  Now, we have everything." 
Words cannot express how much our lives have changed since we knew you were on your way... Thank you God for all your amazing blessings.

"Families are like fudge--mostly sweet, with a few nuts."  
Or in our case... a whole lotta nuts! >.<
Our nieces and nephews had a blast decorating eggs!

Checking out how much loot she made out with!

Easter baskets!

Meticulously calculating...

Even the big kids had fun! =]

Have a great week everyone!

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