Simply Real: The Date Has Been Set!

That date has been set... to what? You may ask...

Our big 2,660 miles journey from Aiea, HI to Tacoma, WA!!

Now... this may be a bit of a shock for some... but I promise! We've thought this thing through... and it isn't a new idea to us.  In fact, it's a seedling that has been germinating for a few years already.  I go over a few reasons as to why we're making this move in a previous blog post which you can read here.

Today was the first sunny day in quite a while (I joke with Thomas that God is preparing us for the WA weather since it's been so consistently drizzly these past few weeks)... so I took advantage of it and went for a walk with Chloe.  I honestly don't remember when we went on our last neighborhood walk.  I don't know how to explain it... but I have never felt so at peace with everything in my life before.  And I'm taking that as a good omen...

Thomas and I were planning on moving towards the end of the summer... but we happened to secure a place sooner!

Ever since Thomas and I lost our jobs last year (2 months before Chloe was born) our faith in God has grown stronger.  And I'm not going to lie... we definitely had our share of bad luck (in fact ask Thomas about what happened today... you'll probably be confused and asking yourself "how can she be so happy and at peace with everything after that happened?!").  But no matter what!  We stayed positive... and things always fell into place.  Everything is falling into place (a bit sooner than expected) but when does God ever go according to your schedule.

I can't explain how excited we are for this next chapter... It's almost like these last few weeks are going by so fast!  But at the same time... it's not going by fast enough... I really truly appreciate all the positive thoughts and encouraging words from everyone!  It adds to the excitement ^_^

Anyway... Have a great week everyone!!

enjoy a few pictures from this past week <3

We had a garage sale [that was a total fail sale wise... but was a great family bonding opportunity] and Chloe experienced bubbles for the first time!

A few pictures I snapped while on our walk today!

Poor thing... her first tooth completely broke through about a week or so ago... and now the second bottom tooth PLUS the top two are all coming in at the same time =[

She loves this window... and she can stand there without anyone's help now =[

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