Simply Real: Chloe is 8 Months Old Today!

Another month has come and gone... Today Chloe makes 8 months (and Thomas pointed out to me that it's also Cinco De Mayo).  Chloe truly is growing leaps and bounds... I feel like over this past month she has learned so much!  She's perfected the art of standing (with assitance), walking along walls/objects/in her crib, sitting up... and so much more!  In fact, this morning I caught her trying put a piece of lint she found on the carpet in her mouth.  There's no stopping her now... she truly is mobile.  She also loves to talk up a storm... she's constantly babbling away consonant-vowel combinations.  I know I mention it all the time... but this kid loves to eat!  She's down to try anything and even though there were a few foods she was kind of if-y about (like avocado) I'm glad to say that she actually likes them!

This month is going to mark the beginning of a new chapter for our little family... It's really exciting to think about what WA has in store for Chloe and our little family.

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