Simply Real: Happy Memorial Day!

So... It's official.  Our little family is staying.  We absolutely LOVE it here... especially in Tacoma.  Now now... before anyone goes smack talking Tacoma and throwing around the phrase "Tacompton"... I've heard the stories and honestly, what place on the mainland doesn't have their bad parts.  Luckily for us, God put us right where we needed to be.  We're [I kid you not] 30 seconds away from the Tacoma mall (which by the way... Thomas was told it was the most [excuse the term] ghetto mall... But when we walked in we were like "Woooooow!" [said like a kid in a candy store]).  Our favorite store, Target, is 5 minutes away.  Our bank... 10 minutes away.  My doctor's... 15 minutes away.  TONS of eating places... minutes away.  You get my point...

We're ones to look and count our blessings, we're just so thankful for the opportunity to give our dreams a shot.

Anyway... Our first 11 days went by super fast (hey... that happens when you're having fun right!).  But that meant that it was time for Thomas to return to Hawai'i... to bring a final close to the previous chapter in our lives.  If you're a new reader... Thomas and I have been together since middle school.  We started living together about four years ago (I honestly can't believe it's really been that long already).  That meant that the night before our wedding was the first time in three years that we spent apart.  I was an emotional wreck that day (but give me a break! I was pregnant at the time too... I cried watching The Last Holiday as well okay?!).  I thought that was hard... hard was saying good bye to Thomas and feeling like I was leaving a part of me behind at the airport as I drove away.  *cue the tears again...* I'm such a baby...

But I would really want to take this time to dedicate this post to all of our service men and women... Past. Present. And future.  It was hard for me to say good-bye knowing that Thomas will be back in eleven days.  But families are forced to say good-bye to their loved ones all the time as they leave on deployments and for training.  Luckily for my family and I, our family members who served made it home safely... but my heart truly goes out to those of you who's loved ones made the biggest sacrifice.  I hope everyone takes the time to truly enjoy the blessings we all have in our lives... and take the time to appreciate the ones you love the most.

Until next time!

One of our favorite things to do as a family back home was go for walks.  It's so beautiful here in Washington!

One day out of no where, I noticed Chloe making this face to herself in the mirror.  Then she just started doing it all the time! She's so cute...

Here's a video of her making the faces at us during dinner the other night.  Her personality really has blossomed over the past few weeks.

We found a farmer's market!  Chloe had a blast looking at everything and waving at everyone.  (Yes... that's a lollipop...)

FaceTime with daddy!!!

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