A Step in the Right Direction

If you've been following my blog for the past few months... You may have noticed a new addition to my sidebar!  This weekend I just received notification that my blog was selected and approved as a Top Mommy Blog.  I have a lot of big goals for Simply Honest Simply Real, and one of the main ones is to really connect with other bloggers who have similar interests as me.  Being accepted into this directory of mommy/family blogs is an indication that I am taking a step in the right direction and is motivating me even more to keep going.

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So!  Here's how that cute little button on my sidebar works.  Anytime you visit my blog for the first time in a 24 hour period, please click that button!  It'll take you to the Top Mommy Blog website, but more importantly,  it'll count your click as a vote for my blog.  The button opens up a new window, so you can just close that tab/window to return to my blog.  It's not a contest or anything... It let's Top Mommy Blog know that people are reading and are interested in Simply Honest Simply Real.

Thomas has really been encouraging me to get back into writing.  If I can use my writing and creativity for something good in our lives, may it be documenting our lives or meeting a bunch of great people, I'll take it!  Thank you all for reading and supporting me through this journey... It truly means the world to me.

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