Every Night Before I Go To Bed...

Day 6's prompt for 30 Days of Lists is "Every night before I go to bed..."  The following are things I do every single night without fail, no matter what =]

Also... If you haven't seen it yet, I put together a video for our daughter, Chloe's, first birthday!  It includes her cake smash (and boy did she smash into that cake!).  Have a great Saturday everyone!  We're gonna try to clean up the house... =\  I also have to edit yesterday's vlog... Busy busy day!

The first video is our usual daily vlog... The opening day for the Washington State Fair happened to fall on Chloe's birthday so we decided to check it out!  Chloe has never been to a fair before... And we have never experienced a fair on such a grand scale before!!  Her birthday slideshow is at the end of our vlog (including her cake smash!).

This is just her slide show video if you wanted to just check that out!

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