One Lone Podcast & Pandora Stations I love...

I decided to change today's 30 Days of Lists' original prompt of Podasts I love to One Lone Podcast & Pandora Stations I love...  There's only really one "podcast" I listen to and I don't even listen to the podcast version of it haha.  I watch it on YouTube.  And well... One item just wouldn't be a list!  So, I decided to also include my favorite Pandora stations!

I shuffle between these Pandora stations depending on what mood I'm in.  Can you tell that I love Holiday music... And piano tracks.  Enjoy my list for today!

When the Kids go to Sleep is put on by Shay and Collette (aka Katilette) Carl from the YouTube channel, ShayTards.  This couple left everything that they knew in Idaho and moved out to L.A. with their children to chase their dreams of starting up their own studio, Maker Studios.  Fast forward five years later and that dream came true tenfold!  They recently just sold Maker Studios to... Disney.  Yes... You read that right... Disney.  I watch their When the Kids go to Sleep podcast on the corresponding YouTube channel.  They talk about anything and everything under the sun, but mostly motivational and inspirational talks about how anything is possible if you truly want to chase your dreams.  Funny thing is... I never really watched any of their things until we went to VloggerFair about a month ago... I never knew who they were or their story until then!

Just thought I'd share some thoughts on my one lone podcast that I like to watch... =\ Haha.

I would love to know what some of your favorite podcasts are... Leave them in the comments below!

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