Posters on My Wall Growing Up...

Today's 30 Days of Lists was a good flashback for me.  Since we made our big HI to WA move just over five months ago (you can read a little mini 75-days recap here), it was fun to take sometime to reminisce about the bedrooms I had growing up.  My mom always did an excellent job at personalizing our rooms with homemade (but totally cute and awesome) frames filled with pictures and phrases.  I decorated the room that I shared with my sister at our dad's house with posters I got through school book fairs and catalogues.  As I got older I started to follow in my mom's crafty footsteps and began to create my own posters to decorate our room with.    Here's a list of a few of the posters from the school book fairs/catalogues that used to adorn our walls growing up!

What were some of your favorite posters and trinkets that decorated your room growing up?

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