Things I Do That I Wish Made Me Money...

I probably could've made today's 30 Days of Lists a mile long to tell you the truth!  Thomas and I are always brainstorming ideas and thinking about our passions to see what our calling is.  We truly believe that God has a plan for us... A way that we can make a living for ourselves while staying true to everything that's important to us.  People may say we're naive... But I say we're two very motivated people with a lot of faith that it's possible to make a living for yourselves without sacrificing your happiness.

Anyway... I digress... Here's my simplified list! =]

After checking out some of the lists that have been posted, I really should have included taking pictures too!  Ask anyone who's close to me... I never have enough memory in my phone because I take so many pictures (of anything and everything). ^_^

Are there any quirky little things that you do... Or maybe something extraordinary that you wish you got paid to do?

Have a great day everyone!

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