I Just Can't Pass Up...

Today's 30 Days of Lists prompt is absolutely fitting!  First and foremost... I just can't pass up the chance to welcome our nephew, Mason, into the world and into our family!  Congratulations to my brother-in-law, Dunning, and his wife, Kim, on their beautiful addition to their family!  We're praying for a speedy recovery for you guys!!

Chloe just keeps learning more and more every day... Yesterday she was talking up a storm!  Check it out in our latest vlog.

Again... We are sooo excited and happy for you guys, Kim & Dunning!  Please give Mason a hug and kiss for us!


  1. Year round Christmas music huh? That's awesome!

    1. Guilty! It runs in my family... Luckily, my mother-in-law was just as enthusiastic about year round holiday cheer as I was too. =] Have a great day!