Meal Planning for this Week...

I just have to say... My family loves. food.  We also really like grocery shopping.  So... While some people dread it, we like to spend time as a family walking around the supermarket/farmer's market etc.  Due to our love of markets... We're pretty flexible with our meal planning (today's 30 Days of Lists prompt).

Here's what could possibly be on the menu for this week... Or maybe next weeks.

I would really like to get into meal planning... I know it helps you to shop more efficiently and ultimately save money.  But it's hard with an indecisive hubby... Any of you have any great tips and tricks that you have for cooking for your family?

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  1. What Tomorrow May BringSeptember 23, 2014 at 10:49 AM

    Look at build a meal! Jamie olives new app is pretty sweet too xo

    I'm going to do a thing with build a meal on my blog, maybe we can colab.?



  2. Where can I find more information about Build a Meal! I just took a look at Jamie Oliver's app and it definitely looks interesting... Definitely gonna explore it more.

    Do you have more information about what you'd have in mind for a collaboration? I'd love to try and work something out! Feel free to email me at meholt90@gmail.com!