Books Everyone Should Read...

I absolutely love today's prompt for 30 Days of Lists: books everyone should read!  Growing up reading was what we did in our spare time (to this day it amazes Thomas when he mentions a cartoon or video game and he's met with a blank stare...).  Both of my parents love to read... And so does my Nana.  In Hawai'i it isn't uncommon for our grandparents to be like second parents to us... This being said... Nana took my sister and I to the library all the time.  We were the kids that had all kinds of trinkets from the summer reading program at the public library and always got free personal pan pizzas from Pizza Hut for completing some reading activity in school...

Anyway... I think you get my point.  I'm always looking for a great new book to read!  If you take a look at my list I like a pretty good variety of books.  I was very lucky to find so many books that I enjoyed reading throughout school (4 out of 7 books were from school reading lists spanning from elementary through high school... and these are just a few of my top picks)!  I'm very excited to see everyone else's lists!  I mentioned in my first Currently... post at the end of August that I'm itching to find a really good book to read!

I can't explain how much more perfect this prompt is for today!  Please enjoy yesterday's vlog... Our daughter clearly has the same love of books as me.

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