Happy First Birthday, Baby Girl

Today marks a very special day in mine and Thomas' life.  Exactly one year ago we welcomed our beautiful baby girl, Chloe-Ann into the world.  I'm hoping I can make this an annual thing... But I want to write a letter to my children on each of their birthdays.  As something to remind me of their big milestones... And as something for them to read later when they get older.

Dear Chloe...

Words cannot explain how much you have changed your daddy's and my life.  Since we found out you were on your way, all my dreams started to come true.  The history that your dad and I have has allowed him to truly get to know me and my dreams.  The first thing he said to me when he finally regained the ability to speak after seeing the positive test was, "Everything is going to change.  I promise..."

And since that day... He's been absolutely right.

At the encouragement of Nana, we decided to get married.  After years of late night phone calls, talking about our dreams of having a family... It was actually happening.  I still look at your father and ask him how he knew it would be me the whole time... And he always says one thing: God.

You truly are the biggest blessing (both you and your sister).  You grow leaps and bounds every day.  Your cute little (often times sassy) personality just leaves your dad and I cracking up.  You are so smart... And you pick up on things very quickly.  You still love Baby Einstein, but now you're starting to imitate the words!  You also absolutely love all things Christmas... Just like you're mommy, Tutu, and Gramaw Kathy!  Whenever we don't know what to watch as a family we always end up turning on The Mistle-Tones.  I think that's why you started doing your little funny face after it went on a little hiatus.  I also notice you like to shimmy your shoulders just like Tia Mowry-Hardict does when she's singing the "12 Days of Christmas".  Your daddy and I are so excited to experience our first fall and winter in the PNW as a family!

You have six teeth (with a bunch more that are making their way out... including at least one molar) and beautiful long brown hair that everyone admires.  Mommy is totally in love with your long curly eyelashes and big eyes (you clearly got those from your father).  You'll give anything a taste at least once... And for the most part you'll eat pretty much anything.  Your giggles are infectious and daddy always knows how to make you laugh or feel better...

So much has happened in this past year... And I know it's only the beginning!  I look forward to everything the future brings for you.  I know there will be disagreements... Times when you may think we're being unfair or too stern... But I know that you will eventually see that it's only because we love you.  As you grow up, I am going to constantly strive to be the best role model that I can be for you.  I want you to always see the beauty in life, especially the beauty inside you.  Never forget how beautiful you are.  And never forget how special you are.  Never be afraid to follow your heart and know that your family will always love you.  

Mommy & Daddy

The following slideshow seriously epitomizes all my hopes and dreams for this blog and our YouTube channel.  Thomas and our kids inspire and motivate me to no end... Everything in this slideshow from the song, to the pictures, the moments, and for us... The feelings and emotions captured within each picture are truly how I feel about my family.  There are no words for me to express how much I love my family... and how blessed I feel everyday to have them in my life.  Please enjoy my special birthday tribute to Chloe...

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